At present, the winery produces close to 100,000 litres of wine a year. Of this amount, 55% are white and rosé wines, while the rest are red wines.

It produces six different types of wine: two white wines, one rosé wine and three red wines.

As stated earlier, all wines bear some relation to the tower and to the history of Mallorca, as borne out by the names of these wines.


Corsairs attacked Mallorca on numerous occasions in the middle of the 16th century, as it was a privileged enclave in the middle of the Mediterranean. Today, Corsari is the name given to our white wine produced with foreign vine varieties and the name of the people who arrived on Mallorca, attracted by the magic and treasures the island had to offer, such as its wines.


The main function of the tower was to defend, and, for that reason, would give the name to the white wine made using varieties native to Mallorca to, as its name would suggest, defend the culture and tradition of our island.


This word commemorates the long sleepless nights spent by the defenders of our land in the tower. This red wine is the best tribute to their sacrifice.


Matacà is defined as a sturdy, covered flown box that forms a continuous cantilever that runs along the length of the crest of a fort, and on the tower at Cap Andritxol. A red wine produced on a small vineyard, fruity and full-bodied.


The name given to the watchtowers on Mallorca, and which is given to our well-structured red wine in barrels.


The objective of Cap Andritxol is to produce very high-quality wines. To achieve this objective, we have placed our faith in the best cellar technology and take the utmost care when it comes to the main ingredient in the production of a good wine: the grape.



We work with a wide range of varieties of grape, with separate fermentation processes for their subsequent coupage.

Our main varieties used in white wine production are Prensal Blanc, Giró Ros, Malvasia, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Macabeu and Parellada.

Our main varieties used in red wine production are Manto Negro, Callet, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Ull de llebre (a tempranillo).

Local varieties account for more than half of the varieties used to produce wine at Cap Andritxol, and are the basis for our production of wines that are unique and different to those produced elsewhere in the world.